Albums: RoSBK 2008 Round 5, Serres, August 17th RoSBK 2009 Round 2, Serres, May 17th RoSBK 2009 Round 6, Pannoniaring, September 29th RoSBK 2010 Round 1, Serres, April 18th RoSBK 2010 Round 4, Pannoniaring, August 1st RoSBK Dementor KTM Track Days, Serres, October 24th 2010 RoSBK 2011 Round 1, Serres, March 20th RoSBK 2011 Round 3, Hungaroring, June 26th RoSBK 2011 Round 4, Pannoniaring, July 17th RoSBK 2011 Round 6, Serres, October 9th RoSBK 2012 Round 1, Serres, March 25th RoSBK 2012 Round 3, Slovakiaring, May 20th RoSBK 2012 Round 8, Serres, October 20th RoSBK 2014 Round 4, Brno, July 9th RoSBK 2014 Round 7, Adancata, October 2nd
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RoSBK 2010 Round 4, Pannoniaring, August 1st

RoSBK 2010 - Pannoniaring
2007 Suzuki GSXR 1000, training session
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ROsbk 2011 - Serres Racing Circuit
2014-09-18 The first moto event on Motorpark Romania - Adancata: trackday on September 26-27th.
2012-12-22 The Romanian Superbike Championship calendar for the 2013 edition was published on the official RoSBK site.
2012-06-07 The construction of the Motor Park Romania race track began yesterday.
2012-03-25 Serres 2012 1000 GP Racer Rookies Cup race results
2012-03-24 The starting grid for the 1000 GP Racer Rookies cup
2012-03-23 You can find the results after the test day in Serres
2012-03-23 The results after the first day of the first round of Dunlop Romanian Championship
2012-03-07 The program for the first round of the Dunlop RoSBK championship was published by the organizers.
2012-02-29 Free practice day at Serres for the pilots registered in the RoSBK championship.
2012-02-15 The building of the first race track in Romania (Motor Park Romania) is supposed to start this spring.
2012-02-13 The Dunlop Romanian Superbike Championship calendar for 2012 was published on the official site of the competition.