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This site is about racing. Motorcycle racing. I started to race very late in my life, when people usually quit racing. I rode a sportbike on a race track for the first time in 2008, at the age of almost 41. "Unfortunately" this became addictive and it is something that I keep doing for a few times per year.

The purpose of this site is to present the events I'm attending as seen from aboard my bike. Also, as my memory is not getting any better, it's a place where I can keep track of my performance (lap times, race results, a.s.o.). And finally, I hope that my experience could be useful to other people who race or are willing to start racing.

In the Gallery section of the site I'm presenting some pictures from the racing week-ends that I joined, as well as some on-board videos sometimes combined with the data coming out of my datalogger.

In the Tech page I made a list of the mods of my bike, a 2007 Suzuki GSXR 1000.

All the races that I attended were part of the Romanian Superbike Championship (RoSBK), a private championship, open to any pilot, no matter of nationality. Good service at an acceptable price. However, because all of the races are on tracks outside Romania such as Serres, Pannoniaring, Hungaroring, Slovakiaring, Most or Brno, makes the effort higher (both physical and financial). Hopefully, this might change a little in the near future, because it was announced the building of the first race track in our contry - Motor Park Romania.

I am not a top performer of this championship, I only raced in the beginners' group (B class), but at my age my goal is not to be a world champion. I'm just looking for fun, good time and personal riding skill improvement. Of course, any progress in the timesheets or race final standings are a great satisfaction.

For any inquiry please feel free to contact me.

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RoSBK Dementor - Serres Racing Circuit
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2012-02-29 Free practice day at Serres for the pilots registered in the RoSBK championship.
2012-02-15 The building of the first race track in Romania (Motor Park Romania) is supposed to start this spring.
2012-02-13 The Dunlop Romanian Superbike Championship calendar for 2012 was published on the official site of the competition.